A Formal Floral Affair...

say that 10 times fast!  

We have been dying to share Annie and Mac's wedding details with you, and man are there a lot of details to show you.  So many that we don't know just where to start.  

Typically we would start with getting ready (there is a custom Carolina Herrera wedding gown, Prada Heels with blue soles and gold initials on the bottoms), move to the first look which took place high up on a mountain top, follow that with the striking custom built ceremony arches in the middle of the field, next lead you to the cocktail hour which took place in another field which had just enough tall grass cut away, then welcome you into the reception tent which was lined with hedges and a topiary dream- filled with every peony that was available in the state of California and send the couple off with a sparkler exit.... yes, that is the order that I would typically show you photos, but today I am feeling a bit crazy and sort of want to start by showing you a few of my favorites and then maybe I will go in order, or maybe I won't, you might just have to wait and see.  

Without further ado- a few of my favorites from Annie and Mac's wedding all shot by the super talented husband and wife duo known as Miki and Sonja.