Featured on Bridal Guide for Must Have Wedding Dress Photos!

Featured on Bridal Guide for Must Have Wedding Dress Photos!

I'll tell you something, it is a real honor to be featured... it never gets old, it is always something we look forward to and never, ever take for granted.  It is special, it is an honor and if you have read my posts before you know that it allows me to stroll down memory lane... We are fortunate to be asked for certain images when the wedding blogs are looking for something specific for their column and we always get right back to them, that day if possible with everything they need.  I think if anything, that is the key to submissions- respond quickly and read what they are asking for.  


When an email came through about wedding dress photos, I thought, sure I have those, but what is she really wanting?  And so we looked deeper... I pulled, with my photographers, shout out to Melissa Musgrove and Linda Chaja- images of our brides in their unique dresses, but not in traditional ways, and sure enough not one but FOUR brides and their gowns were picked for the article!  I was floored and so grateful.  


Take a look at the article in full here for their tips on the must have shots of your wedding dress, which aren't the traditional ones.  

Thank you to all of our amazing an fabulous brides who were featured- Casey, Cassondra, Carina and Stacey!  xoxo


Photo Credit- Images 1,2 & 5 Linda Chaja Photography Images 3&4 Melissa Musgrove Photography