Welcome Bag (Box) Ideas to Wow Your Guests!
Photo Credit: Anna Dolores

Photo Credit: Anna Dolores

Whether you are welcoming out of town guests or having a destination wedding, a welcome bag is a sweet way to show your guests some love. Here are some ideas for what to include in a welcome bag:

-Personalized Tote Bag: find or order custom totes that creatively fit with your theme and location.  If you work with Magnolia Event Design we have a wonderful source for these!

-Beach Towel or Blanket: depending on the location of your wedding a beach towel or blanket is a practical inclusion for any welcome bag.  We are really loving the turkish towels in all colors.

-Postcards: your guests can write all their friends about the amazing time they are having (don't forget the stamp).

-Pain Medication & Band Aids: for the day after the wedding, would be greatly appreciated!  

Photo Credit: Linda Chaja

Photo Credit: Linda Chaja

-Beverages: whether it’s a specialty soda from your location or a mini bottle of wine from a local winery, your guests will enjoy your thoughtfulness.

-Flip Flops, Sunglasses, and Sunscreen: if your location is more on the sunny side your guests could use some SPF and warm weather essentials.  The flip flops could easily have a tag that says, bring me for late night dancing!

-Local Magazine: help them get acquainted with the location and learn about all the places that are must-sees!  Some cities even offer free magazines- reach out to your local visitors bureau.  

-Mini Toiletries: fancy soaps or lotions with scents common to the locale is a cute memento to take home.  

Photo Credit: Anna Dolores

Photo Credit: Anna Dolores

-Tissues: to take to the ceremony and wipe away all the happy tears.  

-Snacks: include the couple’s favorite snacks or a variety of local treats (popcorn, chocolates, anything tasty)!

-Schedule of Events/Map of Venue: so everyone shows up when and where they need to!


Blog by Sammy Lepse for Magnolia Event Design & Planning