Magnolia Event Design

Every Magnolia Event Design and Month-of by Magnolia client, full event design and planning to month-of, has access to our online wedding planning tools.

Unlike other online planning tools, our resources are curated by our experienced planning team and customized to our client’s individual needs and timeline. This allows our clients to stay on top of their to-do list and stay organized throughout the process.  It also allows us to stay connected and efficiently communicate all the details.  Finally, it ensures a seamless guest experience.  We’ve highlighted a few of the tools below so you can get a feel for the online planning experience.

To-Do List & Calendar System

Our to-do lists are cultivated from years of experience and hundreds of weddings. It is completely customizable to our client’s needs. Both planners and clients can comment with updates or questions to maintain communication about each specific items progress.  Each to-do is customized to fit your timeline, while payment reminders and appointments are easily added.


Our online budget tool is extremely helpful in building and maintaining a clear perspective of our client’s overall target budget.  Additionally, it keeps us on track with vendor payments that are pending and made.

Guest Tracking System

Our online guest tracking system keeps all rsvps in one place and makes assigning table numbers, special dietary notes and entrée orders easy. 

Online Design Studio

(full event design and planning only)

Every client is anxious about the way his or her big day will come together. From the florals to the linens, down to the chair their guests will sit in, our online design studio will bring your vision to life.  Each design board is customized to match our client’s vision. Allowing our clients to see every detail, our design boards help it all–from the bridesmaids gown to the exit plan! Each board is updated throughout the process, allowing us to send it to the aesthetic vendors to ensure that everything is in line on the wedding day.