Why Magnolia Event Design?

Summers spent on a family farm are where Lindsey believes she first played wedding planner.  The name of the company comes from her earliest memory of the Rogue River farmhouse.  When you ask Lindsey, Why Magnolia Event Design? You will see her smile, reflect, and then say, “Well, it really isn’t a one line answer…”

It seems that you should be sitting on a sun-drenched porch with a glass of tea or lemonade in hand so she can walk you through it properly, but for the sake of time she says, “My grandparent’s farm in Rogue River is where the story begins and my love of weddings.  That is where the magnolia tree was. 

As you arrived at the farm beyond the large iron gates sat the cutest two-story farmhouse with a fully screened porch, lush green lawns and a huge magnolia tree that would drop its rich white blossoms throughout the summer.  I would collect the fragrant flowers and beg my brother and cousins to play “wedding” with me.  I didn’t want to be in the wedding, I wanted to plan, design and coordinate the wedding.  How they would walk in, where they would stand, what they would say… I would play this game as much as they would partake.  After long summers I would return to Santa Barbara and my passion for the game of wedding never left me.  My best friend who lived just down the block, Alia, would graciously play this game with me for hours on end, as well.  Alia was typically the officiant, limo driver and later as we learned to cook she was the chef.  Alia had a younger sister and I had a younger brother, so this arrangement worked quite well.  Our siblings had little choice in the matter and we had a bride and a groom at our finger tips.” 

Fast forward a few years and the thoughts and smells of the magnolia flowers never left Lindsey.  She says that when it came time to name her business it was as if it had been named all along.  She doesn’t remember the moment.  “To me a magnolia represents all things pure.  The smell is a classic scent to me, the white color of the magnolia is perfection and the leaves with their glossy deep green on one side and their velvety brown on the other are so amazing to me- it’s a texture thing. See?” Lindsey says with a laugh, “You need a glass of tea for this story.  Maybe I named the company, Magnolia Event Design, so I could relive my childhood often?” she ends with a thoughtful pause. 

Meet Lindsey

With over 17 years of event planning and design experience, Lindsey Hartsough (Certified Event Planner, Reverend & Certified Travel Agent with IATA) was named one of Santa Barbara County’s “Top 40 under 40 Business Leaders”. A Santa Barbara native, Lindsey founded Magnolia Event Design in 2006 and has since been sought after by many celebrities for event design and planning. With a strong global network of notable vendors in the field, including floral designers, private estates, chefs, sommeliers, photographers, lighting designers, hotels, resorts and rental companies, Lindsey and the Magnolia Event Design team are able to make your dreams come true no matter where you are in the world.

Lindsey is known for her unique, creative ideas and cutting-edge design technique. Her avant-garde style, attention to detail, enthusiastic personality and take-charge demeanor help clients sit back and relax while she creates the event of their dreams. Through her imaginative, innovative and inspiring designs, Lindsey consistently exceeds the expectations of her client no matter the size of the event. Her vision and execution is not only creative, but also intimate, leaving an everlasting impression on those in attendance.

Lindsey boasts an impressive client list, which includes singers, actors, producers, professional athletes and musicians.

When Lindsey isn’t planning an upcoming event, she can often be found traveling in foreign countries gathering inspiration for her future designs, scouring vintage stores for furniture to redo, cooking gourmet meals, or finding ways to give back to the community that she holds so dear to her heart.  Lindsey holds residency in both Santa Barbara, CA and Venice Beach, CA.