Wine Tasting with Fellow Event Professionals #communityovercompetition

Wine Tasting with Fellow Event Professionals #communityovercompetition

It was so exciting {and a little bit scary to spend quality time with an intimate group of ladies wine tasting and laughing in Santa Ynez, California.  This wasn’t an ordinary group of ladies, this was a special group of industry professionals- planners, photographers, web designers and caterers, but we all have something very special in common- we are female entrepreneurs in the event industry.  

Some of you know this about me, most of you don't.  I am deathly afraid of groups, social settings {yep- I am an event planner who runs the show and you would never know}.  So the fact that I planned a wine tasting event that included people I would like to get to know better, either meant I was going to be on the verge of sickness all day or that I am making major strides thanks to a certain redhead... 

About two years ago I went kicking and screaming to a lovely lunch hosted by Sophie of Amazing Days Events and I was so awkward that I just came out with it and told her that I was thankful for the invitation, but while I really wanted to come to the lunch- I dreaded these things!  Sophie has since taken me under her mass amounts of ginger locks and basically {forced} me into uncomfortable scenarios over and over again... 

So recently {well, not that recently} when I flew up to Seattle I decided to reach out to Heather Sharpe {gasp!} the former owner of Style Unveiled and current mega wedding website dynamo and owner of The Editor's Touch.  I don't know what possessed me to think that I could ask this lady to meet me for a meeting to discuss my website, but I did and guess what?!?  She said yes!  In a Starbucks in Seattle on a rainy morning {le swoon} I met Heather and we discussed Magnolia Event Design and formed what I could have never imagined would become what it is today- an amazing friendship.  Heather is a badass web designer, she knows the ins and outs of the wedding industry and she has become one of my now dearest friends, overnight. 

I was trying to think of things to do when Heather came into town and in came an email from the lovely Lisa of Coastal Concierge and with my new found strength I emailed her and told her about Heather coming to town and that I would love to know more about her services and share it with a key group of industry professionals, who would be a great referral source for Coastal Concierge.  We aren’t paid for our referrals- we try things and if we like them, then we can’t stop talking about them!

Coastal Concierge does private wine tasting tours throughout the valley.  They offer a luxury service, which we will all get to experience which includes door to door service, private tastings at exclusive vineyards, catered lunches and even a host and guide to provide you with wine knowledge.  

So who was this intimate group of ladies? Heather, Sophie, Jessica, Donna, Jillian, Felicia, Maddie, and me.  

We work hard to exemplify the true meaning of #communityovercompetition and I think on this day we continued to grow and lead by example and show others in our community that it is a lot more fun to have friends you can refer then enemies and competition.