Create Your Perfect Wedding Hashtag
Photo by I Heart My Groom

Photo by I Heart My Groom

In case you haven’t noticed, social media is becoming the newest wedding crasher. You know -- that fun, quirky phrase that guests add to pictures on social media. Using hashtags are especially great because you can see “behind the scenes” moments of the bridal shower, bachelorette party, and of course the wedding day. It’s an awesome way for guests (who double as iPhone photographers) to share your wedding photos across social media.

What Do You Propose?

Let’s start with the basics:

  • Write out yours and your honey’s first, last, and nicknames used by family and friends. Having a variety of names is a great way to get your creativity juices flowing and come up with a bunch of options.

  • Have fun and be creative- you want the hashtag to stick. The goal is to create a tag that wedding guests will want to use. Look for rhymes, puns and synonyms for a clever touch. Don’t forget, you are getting a new last name, so play around with that!

  • Keep it short and sweet. Look out for possible misspellings guests could make when posting about your wedding. Don’t be afraid to move words around so letter placement complements the tag. For example, switch #taraandoug to #dougandtara, or even better, capitalize the first letter in each word, like #DougAndTara.


Now that you have names in mind, consider adding words like “hitch,” “loves,” and “weds” in your tag to give a wedding theme. If you have a common first or last name, be punny and add your wedding date to add personalization. You wouldn’t want your wedding photos mixed with a stranger using the same hashtag, so this is where word play becomes your best friend!

#HappilyEverHarrison #BakerPartyof2 #SheldonSquared

Make It Official

Now that you’ve come up with the perfect hashtag, log in to your social media accounts and check to see if your genius tag is already being used. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are the most common outlets for pictures and event statuses, so be sure to check all three.

If you don’t find your hashtag in the results, congrats! You’ve found the one for your wedding celebration. Still need a little help with your one-of-a-kind tag? Enter your names, wedding date, and venue into Wedding Hashtag Wall’s generator and the work is done for you! So, make yourself a cup of tea and start brainstorming. We would love to hear what you come up with!

-Tyler for Magnolia Event Design & Planning