Emergency Kit Must Haves

You’ve made it through your ceremony and right before entering the reception… the zipper of your dress breaks! Maybe that doesn’t happen, but you get a strange stain on the train of your dress. Or the décor you brought in to decorate your venue slips off the wall. It seems like there are a million things that could go wrong. To avoid the anxious feelings, make sure to pack an emergency kit that has all you could need. The Magnolia Event Design and Planning team comes prepared with a huge toolbox full of supplies, so we know what you should really pack. Here are some suggestions:


-A sewing kit with thread that matches any dresses or suits being warn. Make sure your bridesmaids are covered in case of any wardrobe malfunctions, and groomsmen too!


-Command strips in various sizes. These will be useful in case of any décor issues, just check with your venue to see if you can stick them on the walls.

-A snack or two, a granola bar will be much appreciated if you miss a meal in the excitement of the day.


-A stain remover pen, for when the inevitable wine or cake stain appears.

-Pliers, a useful tool that can be used for any broken items or crazy accidents.

-Pain medications, a headache doesn’t have to stop you from having the perfect wedding day.

-Super glue for if a heel breaks or your DIY decoration starts to fall apart (we’ve all been there).

-Band aids for when your flower girl scrapes her knee, or someone forgot to break in their dancing shoes.

-Hair and make-up items for touch-ups; have hairspray, bobby pins, lipstick and blotting papers ready to go.

-A pack of tissues for all of the happy tears!


Blog Post by Sammy Lepse