Featured on Southern California Bride Blog For Lindsey and Woody's Wedding!

We were featured on Southern California Bride Blog!!!  We always love when we get to see one of our weddings shared with the world.  Lindsey and Woody's wedding is one that is near and dear to us.  You can see it here and here too.

I was thinking the other day about event design and wedding planning, in general, and how it's sort of like a temporary art exhibit.  We create this art piece called- "The ceremony, cocktail hour & reception" with the help of all of these other extremely talented artists, with the mutual goal of pulling at the emotional heart strings of the few lucky ones who received golden invitations to "visit the temporary exhibit" and then a few hours later- POOF {definition below}, it is gone.  




  1. 1. 

    used to convey the suddenness with which someone or something disappears.

    "once you've used it, poof—it's gone"

The art exhibit, which in our case is the wedding, is broken down and the lucky ones with the golden tickets, who actually became part of the art piece slowly depart and the artists wake in the morning wondering if it was all a dream, because it was so magical and yet it happened way to fast.  So, I know I totally digressed from being featured, but I promise I will bring it back around right now... seeing our events featured gives them life once again.  It also allows us to celebrate them over and over.  I am happy every time pinterest or instagram reposts a photo from one of my events and tells me about it, because when I have time, I will click on it and take a moment to reflect on the event, the couple and the wonderfully magical event.  

We are the lucky ones.  We get to live inside those art exhibits right alongside our couple and take in all of the special moments that happen, that aren't captured on film.  I cherish those moments.  

Only the guests that were at Lindsey and Woody's wedding will ever know what it felt like to sit in the warmth of the sun and breathe in the smell of hundreds of gardenias as a calm  breeze fluttered through the Santa Barbara Historical Museum as they listened to Woody's    


Photographer: Pat Moyer Photography | Wedding Planner and Event Design: Magnolia Event Design | Venue: Santa Barbara Historical Museum | Cake: Your Cake Baker | Bridal Shoes: Benjamin Adams | Catering: Pure Joy Catering | DJ: Elite Disc Jockeys | Florals: Camellia Floral Designs | Beauty: Unveiled | Stationery: Oak and Orchid | Lighting: Bella Vista Designs | Menswear: Vera Wang | Rentals: Classic Party Rentals | Transportation: SB Pedicab | Videography: Daniel Chae | Wedding Gown: JLM Couture Lazaro | Linens: La Tavola Linens | Drone Footage: SBJoePro