Getting Ready Shots

you'll want to have... 

It is true, most of the wedding photography takes place after you put your wedding gown on, but we think these images are some of our favorites from the past year as our bride was getting ready.  You will want to make sure your planner and you allocate time for getting ready shots, so you aren't rushed and so you have time to put on your gown slowly and capture all the beautiful and sentimental details that go along with it.  

So, what went into getting this shot from our perspective?  We made sure the room was clean.  We found the best light and worked closely with the photography team.  We removed a really bad piece of art from the wall so there was just nails in the wall (a lot easier to touch up), we made sure hair and makeup ran on time and we moved furniture both inside and outside that was easily seen or that we didn't like in the shot.  Don't be afraid to rearrange and set up the room the way you want it.


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