How to Delegate

So, you’ve started the wedding planning process and you’re feeling overwhelmed… what now? You might decide to divvy up some of the planning. Family and friends are probably asking how they can help, so use them! Just make sure you are thoughtful with choosing jobs for people. The best way to delegate is to play into everyone’s strengths.   


If you have family or friends that are specialists in something you can ask them for assistance. Don’t always expect a yes though. If your cousin is a beautician asking her to do your make up isn’t unreasonable. Just make sure you ask their policy for working with family, this is their job and they may expect to get paid for it!


When delegating, break up tasks so they are manageable. Ask Grandma to bring your favorite dessert that she makes, not to create your entire dessert bar for the guest list of 200 people. Coming up with smaller tasks lets you have an answer ready when people ask how they can help.  

Plan a get together to complete tasks. Having people over to stuff envelopes or make welcome boxes makes things go by so much faster! It also creates more memories surrounding your big day. Some of my best memories from family weddings are from having all my out of town family together to work on a project.


When delegating you also should realize when you need more help than just your crew. If the planning process is too much for you, bring in the professionals! Event planners can take your stress level down and help you stop worrying out all the little things.

Planning doesn’t have to be something you take on all by yourself. Know when to ask for help and break up tasks. You got this!

Blog Post by Sammy Lepse

Photos by Mike Arick