How to make Your Wedding Uniquely You

I’ll admit that I adore following all the latest wedding trends. I love scrolling Pinterest and reading magazines to see what people are coming up with. It’s important to do your research, but when planning a wedding you want it to be uniquely you. In a few years you might look back at the trends and think…why did I do that? But with creative elements that bring out you and your fiancé’s personalities, you are guaranteed to love all the little details from your day for years to come. So, how do you make sure your wedding includes touches of you and your future spouse?


Go with what colors you really want, not just what is trending. If you don’t absolutely love blush, then you don’t need to have it in your wedding. It’s so fun to see bold, bright colors in weddings just because the couple likes that color. If all white is more your thing, that’s great too! Don’t feel like you have to choose a color just because that is what you are seeing a lot of.


Add details in your invitation suite that reoccur throughout the wedding. The invitation suite is the first part of your wedding the guests will see, take the time to make it personal. The couple featured above played on their soon-to-be shared last name, Fox, and the theme showed up in signs on the wedding day too. Invitations that include maps of your venue or details that will be seen at the wedding are a sneak peek for guests of what is to come.   


Use food or music to share what you love with your guests. Pick your favorite foods to serve, even if it’s not typical wedding food. There is no typical anymore, because people have started serving what they really enjoy! Have your favorite food truck pull up at the end of the night or have an epic cheese plater to surprise your guests. Be sure to have music that you genuinely love too, songs that your guests will remember when they think of your wedding. Be creative in our song choice and make a playlist that is personal more than popular.


Be willing to try something new. If you have an idea that’s you’ve never seen at a wedding before, it might be worth giving a try. The details you bring in will be what is most memorable about the day. It can be anything from bringing in performers to putting effort into a fantastic cocktail bar. Get inspired and remember that this is your day, so spend time planning the details that you absolutely love!


Blog Post by Sammy Lepse

Photos by I Heart My Groom