Marrying Millions
PC Marrying Millions for Lifetime TV

PC Marrying Millions for Lifetime TV

Do you like reality tv?

We here at Magnolia Event Design have a few guilty pleasure shows that we enjoy watching. Recently we were contacted by a couple on Marrying Millions a Lifetime TV show. The couple said that they wanted to hire us to plan and design their wedding… all of this seemed very normal, but here is the kicker- they wanted to get married in one week and they didn’t have a single item- no venue, dress, caterer, not even rings, oh and it would be filmed for a TV show they were on!

We were up to the challenge and met them the following morning at a beautiful venue that we could host the entire event- ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. When planning an event in a short period time it is super important to be decisive, have a plan and allow for flexibility. We are very happy to share the images with you and more about our couple when the show airs, until then we will be watching the show right along with you!


Lindsey and The Magnolia Event Design Team