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Mike Arick Photography

Mike Arick Photography

Does the thought of room blocks make your head spin or make you feel like another language is being spoken?  

We totally feel you!  

After years of negotiating room blocks for our clients and learning a lot of things along the way, we decided to help not just our clients but all couples with booking their room blocks by opening a company called, Best Room Block Rates!  


Here is what we can do to help you and the items we need to know to get booking!

We start out by asking you a few simple questions:

Check in date // Check out date (Remember most hotels will have a two night minimum.)

How many rooms do you need?

  • Number of Single Bed Hotel Rooms? (Typically for 1-2 guests only)
  • Number of Double Bed Hotel Rooms? (Good for 2 couples, two friends sharing or couple with children)
  • Number of Suites?

Do you have a hotel you want a quote from? (3 Max.  If you don't know of any no problem! We will make suggestions.)

Do you have an ideal price range? (Try to be super realistic about this number.  It might help to consider your desired hotel rating and time of year/season)

About you!

Your Name- First // Last

Name for Block- Typically Last Name // Last Name (This will become the room block name)

What's the name and address of the wedding venue? (Do you want hotels near by?)

What is the date of your wedding/event?

Who will be signing the contract? (We will only use for the contract and to send details to you.)

First & Last Name

Email address


Phone number

Once we have all of this information we will have our team get to work on negotiating the best room block rate for you!  We are licensed travel agents and hold our IATA card for discounted hotel rates.  Feel free to send it in an email to us at

A few helpful hints and tips-

  • If you have already contacted the hotel for a block, we can't negotiate at the same hotel.  Hotels don't like this and won't give us a block for the same guest names.  
  • Look at your guest list and try to determine who is coming, how many total invites you are sending (this tells you the number of couples to singles) and who is coming from out of town.  Once you have all of this information you can make a better guess at how many rooms you will be needing for your family and friends.  
  • Consider two hotels, max.  You don't want to give guests too many options, plus it is way more fun to have everyone staying together and way easier for shuttling purposes.

Mike Arick Photography

Mike Arick Photography