Tips for having Kids at your Wedding
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Wild Whim Photography

When it comes to narrowing down the details, one of the hardest decisions can be to include kids in your wedding or have it be an adult-only affair. If you do decide to welcome kids at your wedding, make sure you are prepared for what that entitles. Below are a couple ideas to make kids feel included at your wedding and keep them out of too much trouble!

Be specific in letting guests know whether kids are allowed or not. On invitations write “family” not just the adult’s names. This makes it easier for parents to know if their little ones can come. It will also save you a few phone calls from stressed parents, asking if their children are invited or not.  

Megan Sorel Photography

Megan Sorel Photography

If you choose to have a flower girl or a ring bearer, make sure they feel special that day. For girls this could mean giving them a doll with a dress that matches theirs, or a flower crown to wear. For boys a new Lego set or another toy to play with after the ceremony. Their parents will appreciate your attention to detail, and the kids will want to do their best job.   

Find ways to include other kids if you have extended family or lots of friends with kids coming. Older kids can pass out programs or help people to their seats, younger kids can hold cute signs walking down the aisle. Find little jobs for the kids coming, but only if that is easy for you to do. No need to add stress to your day by assigning a duty to every kid!  


Hire nannies to watch the kids during the reception. This allows the kids to take part in the ceremony but gives their parents a break when the party gets started. You can ask the nannies to prepare some activities for the kids to do, like bringing coloring sheets or board games.

Have a place that is kids only, where nannies can set up and kids can run around. Setting up a special kid-friendly space is a great addition to a wedding. Have pillows, blankets, games, and movies playing. It’ll keep the little ones entertained and occupied.

Plan some special activities for them to take part in. Even it’s as simple as playing a song just for the kids to dance to, or letting them go get cake first, they will love getting some special attention.  

Be prepared for anything. I’ve gone to weddings where little ones have meltdowns during the ceremony or the ring bearer sits down out of boredom. Once two kids started pulling apart the floral displays! The silly kid moments are unique to your wedding, make sure you can laugh about them if you do decide to include kids.   

Blog post by Sammy Lepse