Golden Hour Photography

Photos taken right before sunset always seem to turn out stunning! Golden hour makes lighting perfection happen. That time of day brightens up black and white photos as well. Planning some time to get away from your reception to take these photos is totally worth it! You will treasure these photos forever, they capture your first sunset as a married couple.  


Four+Seasons+Biltmore+Santa+Barbara+Allegra+Kevin_0011 (1).jpg

Choosing a photographer who is skilled with lighting is a must. If golden hour photos are a necessary for you make sure to ask to see portfolios from photographers before hiring one. Ask good questions about their skillset and establish your priorities when it comes to what photos you want.

Four+Seasons+Biltmore+Santa+Barbara+Allegra+Kevin_0013 (1).jpg

Have someone keep an eye on the clock for you, the time to take these photos goes by fast! The sunlight gets warmer and starts setting within minutes. If you can time it right, you’ll have some beautiful photos. I was amazed at how these images turned out, the couple just glows!