Summer Wedding Cool Down

The last thing your guests want to worry about is sweating through their clothes. Summer weddings usually mean a nice sunny day, but sometimes the sun is a little too much. Worried about keeping guests cool at your summer wedding? Here are some ideas to beat the heat!


Set up drink stations right outside the ceremony space to make sure your guests are hydrated. Supply drinks like lemonade, iced tea or infused water. Add some unique glassware and calligraphy signs and the drink station can even function as décor.  


Give fans to your guests to wave throughout the exchanging of vows. Helpful for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies, paper or foldable fans are a fun favor to give out. Other hot day favors could be sunglasses or personalized sleeves for cold drinks.


Bring in large fans when needed. If your reception space is turning out to be just too hot, bring in some power. Have fans at the ready and know just who is in charge of controlling the AC. That knowledge will come in handy when venues start to become unbearably hot.  

Have plenty of seating available throughout the day. Everyone will appreciate having lounge seating at cocktail hour, especially if it is outside. Make sure any transition time has seating for most of your guests, being especially considerate to the older guests in attendance.


Supply some shade, rent tents if your venue will be in direct sunlight. Make sure you have places for people to go and cool off if they need to. Summer weddings are so worth it, just make sure to have a plan if the day ends up being a bit hotter than expected.


Blog Post by Sammy Lepse